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Just the way it should be.


Small Town Doesn't
Mean Small Flavor

Being Linn County's first winery, we felt as if we had an obligation to showcase our unique flavors in each and every bottle. That is why we hand-craft small-batch wine to ensure only the highest of quality with each purchase.

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"Why Are We Waiting?"

About Us

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Blue Dog Wine Co is owned and operated by Sarah and Tracy Johnson. Around 2016 or so, Sarah had a retirement idea of owning a wine company.  After a good laugh, and some time for the idea to percolate, Tracy asked ‘why are we waiting?’  This was the start of what eventually became Blue Dog Wine Co.


After 3 years of research and planning and obtaining the required permits, Blue Dog Wine Co began in 2019. Working weekends and evenings to complete the building and start producing wine, Sarah and Tracy found themselves at home during the March 2020 COVID shut down. It was then that they decided to make a run for it
and opened the winery. Since then, they have grown from 6 wines and reservations needed to over 15 wines and a NEW location in Mound City, KS called The Coyote Tasting Room

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Many people ask about the name and where it came from.  If you are a dog person, you will understand this - there is always ONE dog that no other dog can compare to.  That was
their Blue Dog, she was a Blue Weimaraner and when they decided to go down this
road, it was a no brainer that it
would be called Blue Dog.



"Awesome wines,  great owners,  love the view and picnic tables outside!!  Highly recommended,  schedule a tasting NOW!"

— Kim T.


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